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to imagine

Leading companies recognize the need to continually innovate to uncover new sources of revenue, sustainable competitive advantage and maximize business growth.
It is always the fabric of all great invention and innovation, and arguably the most transformative force that shapes the dynamic of history.
We understand that resources are finite, but imagination, which is the most premium resource, is infinite.

ideation & content development

We use a strategic and highly innovative approach to provide marketing solutions to clients.

We also carry out extensive research on global marketing best-practices to provide clients with up-to-date solutions.

We conceptualize and develop content for various purposes and platforms including audio-visual, audio, written scripts, and graphic content..

social media engagement

Social Media Update 2013: 73% of online adults used social media in one form or another”
Fostering friendships and engagement with upwardly mobile Nigerians between the ages of 25 – 40 requires a different strategy

The future of marketing is wrapped in endless conversations.
Conversation conveys data encoded emotions and thoughts, which should be mined.
The marketplace is now a relationship where conversation and value is co-created between the brand and their customers.

Don’t inform, tell a story. People will trust social media platforms over traditional advertising.
Translating this personalized unique experiences into endless streams of narrative on cross-media is the gameEngagement is control, so ensure trans-media storytelling.

social media

We integrate digital and social media outreach into all our work, either by managing our clients’ digital channels for them or by content development activity for our clients’ in-house teams.

online video service

We aren’t in an information age; we are in an entertainment age.”
Trending topics and themes are ways to nail it
Statistics show that consumption of video content will skyrocket to 50hours per week.
We script and produce movies, series, radio programs, skits, advertisements, documentaries and online content. Through collaboration, we develop web video portals, expand our offerings and increase on our value proposition. 

reputation management

We nurture and protect your reputation by monitoring how your brand is perceived and addressing any reputation issues. As our clients’ trusted partner, we’re perfectly placed to bridge the gap between how you view your company and how others perceive you.

digital reputation management

We provide online reputation management strategies to our private and corporate clients. 
This includes Crisis Management, media monitoring and press releases

digital advertising

Our Solutions are:
Search Engine Optimisation
Search Advertising
Gmail Sponsored Promotions
Digital Display Advertising

mobile apps

App-petite is the new addiction. 23% of consumers spend time on mobile-the law of mobility: the value of any product and service increases with its mobility so think app

Apps have reimagined how a generation interacts with the world
By 2025 there will be as many smart phones as there are people
We conceptualise mobile apps solutions, for the ever growing market for mobile frontiers.

social & digital marketing

We use a highly innovative strategy in providing marketing solutions to our clients

We carry out extensive research on global marketing best-practices to provide clients with up-to-date solutions. 
Our services include Integrated Marketing Communication.
This involves both above and below the line marketing and advertising. 

We also make use of digital advertising and social media as a key marketing tool, but with professionalism and consideration for media ethics.

Our Service offerings are:

- Copywriting and production.
- Marketing Strategy
- Digital Advertising
- Research and Development
- Integrated Marketing   Communication
- Product Placement

pr plus activation

With our expertise in Corporate Communication, we provide quality reputation management strategies to our private and corporate clients

We devise cutting-edge PR and digital communications and integrated campaigns that make you stand out from the crowd and navigate today’s complex media landscapes – traditional, social and global.

We connect brands to their target audiences, generating audience engagement to deliver a real commercial advantage for our clients and sustain and heightened media interest in your brand.

We put in place the most cost-effective network solution for their communications needs.
We ensure your communication objectives are consistently delivered across multiple markets.