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What really is a brand?
Why does a combination of lines and symbols on a product equal a rise in value? How can you tap into the mobile revolution? At Imaginarium, we swear by technology and content.
Great technology is made by great content.

Imaginarium is one of Africa’s influential content development, media and technology companies, strong on ideation, digitalisation and mobile value added services.

Imaginarium is a brand and content development company strong on ideation, digitalization and mobile Value Added Services (VAS).

Were-imagine conventional notions of marketing, pushing the boundaries of media engagement.
We focus on connecting people to content that inspires, informs and moves. Whether our client’s end game is innovation, sales or leadership, we help them achieve this.

the vision

A leading expressionist in branding, content and mobile technology

the mission

A tradition of Innovation

our core values

  • innovation
  • artistic excellence
  • creativity
  • teamwork
  • adventure
  • proactiveness
  • leadership
  • integrity

The mavericks

At Imaginarium, we don’t think outside the box we live outside the box, and that’s why we can imagine what we can’t imagine.

We are a team of unusual minds in an aquarium for creative people.

We are made up of:

  • the admen
  • the badmen
  • the sadmen
  • the ad critic

The Admen:
They understand that advertising is a science and should be treated with absolute care. They break down a brief and combine insights to create a brand solution.

The Badmen:
They are HOT with ideas.

The Madmen:
These guys prefer to break the rules.

The Sadmen:
They are continuously sick of the mediocrity in advertising and are constantly thinking of a way to make a statement that will make a difference.

The Adcritics:
They always feel something could be added to whatever idea you throw at them.

All people with their various personas are outstanding in their ways, but they all come together to make a great team of ‘A’-MEN.

our focus

Our commitment and integrity are benchmarked on a global genome, thriving on simple ingenuity, creativity, functionality and
cutting-edge conceptualization.

We believe in collaboration because we understand that we do not have all the ideas.
We partner with talented and qualified professionals, leveraging on their expertise to achieve our desired goals.
We have a wide base of partners and contributors who perform various functions when required.